Cosmic Viral Clearing Meditation


Mp3 File meditation to support in clear the lightbody and physical body in this meditation to support the cleansing and healing to support the strength and immune system boosting.

Prepare your platinum or rainbow krystal diamond pillar and shield system. Set the spin-command of your pillar and field space to God-Sovereign-Free, God Sovereign Free.

Activate the intergalactic Krystal code to sweep and remove foreign DNA, consciousness inserts, viral loads and anti-hierogamic union technological splitters.

Remove isotopic decay, clear foreign genetic strains strands, brands, qi siphons, and mental body inserts. Clear holocaust WW2 and Atlantian cataclysm timelines, Clear Draconian invasion memories & armageddon software programming and the Pestilence program, the 4 horsemen inorganic pulse waves and related Nephilim grid reversals, clear traumatic personal timelines and their miasmatic loads, as well as karmic superimpositions. Remove carbon static fields and light body compression sequencing. Clear our individual relationship to the planetary leylines. we call forth our Holy Mother to aid in transit and removal all accumulations related to the body as grid worker and portal station.

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