The Spirit of Truth Meditation


This meditation is to support the personal reveal of truths within your consciousness evolutionary process. The frequency of lies, suffering, pain and deception are deeply enmeshed in the human programming, in which choices decisions and awareness are clouded through severe manipulations from entities and fellow humans. In order to understand and maintain personal clarity and choice, this meditation supports the removal of spiritual warfare and spiritual deceptions in order to help you reclaim your personal truth inner radar of which to navigate through your life. In order to know the truth frequency and embody the self gnosis path it is important to not lie, to not control or manipulate.

When we believe a lie, our lives are lived in deception and manipulations. When we perpetuate a lie we are in alignment with lower thoughts and demonics can easily manipulate your perception and twist your life into their hidden nets and ownership.

Removal of Artificial frequencies, lightbody etheric implants, alien machinery, inverse coding and various other clearings of antichrist forces and HSP blockages including brain and mental body beam steering technology clearings.
Humanity has been denied truths of the godhead, and in order to know our creator force we must be willing to understand and comprehend that the truth spirit is at one with godsource. Unification of brain hemispheres.
Body parts rebuilding into the rainbow plasma aurora and eye of god transmissions.

I am willing to know the truth. The spirit of truth is at one with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, the Holy Mother & Father Arc Cosmic Rays and eye of god.

In stages, we uncover and learn the truth and this supports us to feel our emotions and energies properly, to support us in regaining our self sovereignty. When we speak truths from within our hearts, and live in the truth, the truth of our holy mother and father creators is restored into the body to support the living in peacefulness within.

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