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Self-Study and Healing the Multidimensional Self


Our Human Race has experienced several timelines which are held in the Lightbody record of the human and the planetary body. In the ascension, those starseeds and indigos have come to awaken first on the planetary ascension to heal from these multidimensional hidden histories, in which to repair and reclaim the personal lightbody (Diamond Sun 12 Stranded DNA, or Higher DNA Template for Oraphim, or Paliadorian Christos Solar Dragons Rishi-Reisha) in to locate all past present and future timeline identities, and return these home to the godhead, through the walking path of life in the ascension. This process cannot be achieved through will or force, and must take place through the natural ascension of life on earth in finding ways to be congruent with the unconditional love and awareness of the darkness, the evil forces which hijacked humanity thousands of years ago, and to regain the inner sacred union of the original DNA template of male-female internal balance.
The process of internal healing, the removal of Sexual Misery Lunar Forces and etheric implants is part of removing the reptilian tail construct which is the negative ego programmed with forced behavioural commands, and mind control.

Learn the difference between astral bliss and the new age hijack, and true christ consciousness which is the true form of the body of god embodied into the human body via the soul, spirit, monad and avatar godself. This reclaimation process, is one of slow enlightenment through direct heart based intelligence (not mental pursuits for spiritual knowledge) and brings direct knowledge and direct internal peace as one heals out from these inorganic structures of human collective consciousness controls. This path of freedom and building into eventual self-sovereignty holds an energetic fundamental frequency of solar light of the christos diamond sun patterns. Each starseed and indigo will go through a series of spiritual stages, initiations and the dark night of the soul, in order to transmute the negative emotions and to learn about one's own personal history and choice for incarnating into certain bloodlines and ancestral patterns of inherited parameters. There is no fast quick ascension of immediate enlightenment, this is what the antichrists and demonics promote into spiritual aggrandiazement. The path of the christos is becoming truthful, pure essence of non-judgemental unconditional love and compassionate truth witnessing.

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