Galactic Heart Intro to Unity 12D shield meditation


This meditation is purposed to support you in self-empowerment and awareness of your own lightbody connections, heart based frequencies and connections to your soul, monad/oversoul, and 12th dimensional avatar god self highest expressions. Learn to connect with the forces of unity intelligence, beyond astral false christ light (white light grounding made popular in new age healings and techniques)

You will learn to create a container of your own space, to support your forging a more consciously felt, permanent connection with the trinity wave forces of loving creation, or unity field intelligence, god source.

Can help support feelings of 'stuckness' in spiritual development, and particularly if you have been advised to use white light for your grounding method. This meditation is an override for astral plane white light connections, and will support you in feeling more integrated inside of your body.

May you receive the unfolding benefits of life, love and support for your life path journey in all ways.