GH Ascension Class August 2021, HGS Energy Clearing, Coping Strategies for Ego & Megiddo Battle


Today we start with a gentle clearing to focus on magnetic corrections leading into various points of support for navigating energies and retaining your own focus and anchor through challenges in the outer scape.

Building trust in the heart to experience the cosmic one source god source as God in the very unique intimate way. God force can only be experienced in the emotions and heart, this is why there is so much destruction to have individuals be agressive or addicted, as we cannot truly FEEL the energies of the cosmic source fields until we come to an understanding, there is actually a godsource returning itself into this planet and universal time matrix, sequentially over this end of the ascension cycle - the end of the current dark aeon of time, as the christos-sophia aeon of time anchors into this reality to those who are on the path of awakening and ascending into know godsource as truth.

Remember you are unique and valued, sharing on the megiddo battle through spiritual growth in which antichrist forces will trick lie and demean. Understanding zero point, outside of time where antichrist forces cannot reach nor exist. Antichrist forces are enslaved in space and time; christos energies are not. How best we can navigate in order to move through these spiritual "battles" without battling to achieve integration in consciousness growth. At each level of personality dismantling and consciousness expansion into the heart, there are levels of the antichrist which will be faced: these show up as character assassination attempts, victimisations, and deep life lessons in order to continue to focus and direct your energy into the higher pathways of benevolence and love. In order to face the antichrist on each dimension, one will be faced with choices - choosing love and the highest frequency of unconditional love whilst speaking the truth is the pathway to spiritual and emotional freedom, this is a potential for all of humanity.

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