GH Ascension Class Demonics, Spiritual Attachments & Spiritual Housekeeping


GH Ascension Class 2020 August Demonics, Spiritual Housekeeping

Today we speak about spiritual housekeeping related to behavior and attached discarnates, fallen angelics and demonics through the houses of ego.
Behaviour and thoughts in humans is controlled by lower forms of beings; beings who have no connection to the divine light themselves, and must create energy through pain, spiritual highs, wine drinking or other form of compulsion or addiction.

When a person has a compulsion or addiction, or trigger of emotional response the person is not in full control over their body or mind.

On the ascension path we are learning how to gain to self-sovereignty over our beings, our own spiritual house building, in order to sweep the floors and shine the light, one must be willing to know thyself very deeply, to evict and remove these demonic forces or attachments out from the auric field. Life changing healing can occur from this principle alone.

Meditations in the archives can be assigned to help you clear out attachments, Nothing should be feared - this is empowerment of taking control over yourself, and becoming the soul in the driving seat instead of the ego itself.

Freedom and love from god is deeply felt in the heart when the lightbody and spiritual body and house are becoming more clear in cycles within cycles of addressing these principles, until eventually the person is free-er and more whole as a result.
In loving service,
Mhairi & Sequoia

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