GH Ascension Class Alchemical Unions Sacred Inner Marriage, Twin Flame, Alien Love Bite


GH Ascension Class of April 2019 as part of support for esf community ascension class series.
Covering the topic and experiences that outline the Christ Krystic alchemical union process, how it may show up in your life, what to do about when it does and understanding more principles of the different lightbody layers in feminine-masculine building through the dimensional (time) fields. Will include speaking about anti-christ alien love bite scenarios as a form of learning experience, to obtain deeper wisdom about the self and others in relation to gender principle healing.

There is so much out there in the new age about twin flame, and often we get 'carried away' in exaggerated forms of romantic fantasies, based upon astral manipulation but we cannot tell what that is until we get clarity of the inner space. Because our life force/sexual energies are based upon inner male-female union, which is the process of the inner sacred marriage; the outer alchemical union serves as a part of the learning curve of taking responsibility and the direction of your own life force and sexual energies.

In lightbody building stages, the path of the accretion and movement through the dimensions is an upwards movement - ie, you are moving forwards into future time inside of your own lightbody expression. No one stage is better than or worse than the other. You go through these stages individually on the personal progression. When/if with a partner, the stages may be different and will eventually be spiral. You are ALWAYS building your soul matrix, monad matrix and avatar matrix - you don't just progress into the monad and no longer have SOUL work to do. The human soul matrix and monad matrix have been the most damaged, and need the most support to move the sexual energies of the sacrum (2D centres, dark forces, pain body, sexual misery programming, emotions) up and into the heart. This happens through continued long term effort to become ethical and heart based.

In a krystic alchemical connection/union OR a sacred marriage union, the feeling is a mutually felt exchange
will never need to be forced or pushed into place through your will or intent
aligns to support your own individual self sovereignty and self growth lessons on the path
eventually, once a lot of inner work is completed, if a partner is assigned through your higher selves, it will happen very much as a surprise; has an energy that is entirely different from previous connections in life.

Alien love bite architecture has its roots in gender splitting, and embeds itself into the nadial complex and sexual organs of those affected. It generally creates a dramatic and intense electrified feeling (often mistaken for kundalini) and is the connection of negative aliens or demonic influences which further seek to run reversal currents in the body through the use of sexual energy.

Creates highs and lows, and patterns of unhealthy behavior
Acts as an escape mechanism from the drone of daily life
is like a demon providing you with a temptation into something exciting
creates stalking behaviour
creates the perception that it is OK to have a clandestine connection with someone while you are in a boring 3d relationship
can be one sided
if two sided (ie both partners are involved in the feelings of this, similar to the twin flame movement) then you have to be aware of red flags and the highs and lows, the push and pull, the runner and the chaser type of energy

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In loving service, Mhairi & Sequoia

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