GH Ascension Class Dark Night of the Soul Timeline Processing and Soul Retrieval


January 2019 - Dark Night of the Soul, Timeline Processing, Return to Rightful Owner, Multi-dimensionality (Christ Reclamation)

As part of the presentation to the esf community today we speak about multidimensionality, being activated into higher DNA dimensional bandwidths. Discovering past-present-future lives and processing the timeline of the other events to retrieve your own soul body consciousness back to yourself. Handling Dark night of the soul awakenings, to come into acceptance of new levels of perception as your changing and shifting reality. As the lightbody is becoming more integrated, the point in time and position in the timeline changes. This is part of moving into higher dimensions within the personal lightbody that changes the consciousness development and viewpoint as the negative ego patterns that block the natural higher sensory perception are removed.
Audio mp3 series as part of the Galactic Heart Ascension Classes