GH Ascension Class February 2020 Mind Control & Negative Ego


Today's class is addressing recent shifts in 8d metagalactic core (very very brief overview of gridworking)

Artificial AI tree of life and false timelines (influences and locks down the human body and mind) vs Organic Diamond Sun 12 tree grid.

Many healers cannot see or interact with the 12 tree grid or remove AI until they are embodied into Christic Base 12 Math as an embodiment of the code, as this is part of a Krystal Star Being toolset upon the earth

Mind control and the practical sense of healing the mental body; this cannot be rushed and needs to be taken seriously in order to safely ascend. Mind control and negative ego programs are AI (inorganic to the human christ form, and planetary body) and must be personally and individually witnessed within the self in order to heal and remove them from running the life/experience, template system of the diamond sun.

Daily life tasks *are* a part of the spiritual life path growth and are not to be dismissed as irrelevant

Bliss and love and light are not how the ascension path is working, it's a cyclical life long dedication to truth

Hero-Saviorism/Guruship as a spiritual trap system which snares unsuspecting awakening starseeds into believing they have to expend all of their energy into "overdoing" (this is a trap by negative aliens)

Finding comfort as the lifelong pursuit of ascending takes wild ride, it is NOT comfortable so become aware of this as a fact and you will be serving yourself in untold ways