GH Ascension Class Healing the False Parent - Dark Alien Mother & False Alien Father


Healing the inner male-female principles inside each human body requires to understand some of the energetic influences which have blocked humans knowing about the god source truth and benevolence as known to the Christ Consciousness and their representatives. This truth is to be known by all humanity in re-education of what has happened to our species. Negative alien invaders removed and replaced the true holy parent aquamarine 13D cosmic ray and holy father 15D magenta violet rays from our time matrix and planet, which were reconnected in for the end of the ascension cycle as the galactic and universal gates in their alignments into andromeda were being repaired into the Krystal Star Networks.

Today's class is a sharing of the false archetypal installations of Lunar force, and satanic, lucifierian forces which were made to appear as the true source or creator and they are not. Each ascending person will come into contact with this understanding as we heal our hearts back into wholeness to remove the influences inside the negative ego of the male and female dark lunar archetypes.

What is the false parent?
How does it look energetically, and how does it appear in the physical reality sense?
Ways in which we can observe these archetypal patterns of dark mother, and false father inside of ourselves through the negative ego construct, to heal and replace with the corrected true holy parent connections.

Men and women are programmed to be attracted through sexual misery programming to the embodied examples of the FKOT or the DMother/Lunar females

We have each other as examples on this path, as we each intend to become more connected to god, as an expression of the unique image of god we each are. Becoming at one with god is a reality available as we each keep on working that inner healing, to get the false alien constructs and debris out out out of the lightbody and beliefs

The more we heal the negative ego constructs out, the more the true parent energy takes its rightful place inside the house of your body-heart-mind

We then feel safer to live our life purpose, and do so with much more support as inner sustained individuals
MP3 Audio File originally presented to the ESF community as part of understanding the ascension through guardian host krystal star
In loving service,
Mhairi & Sequoia