GH Ascension Class Foundations, Setting Space & Understanding Ascension


Originally presented to the es community August 2018

12D Shielding - why it is important
Biological Ascensioning
Higher Sensory Perceptions
Commanding and setting home space
Guardian Group Fields
Foundations of Meditative Practice
The Law of One overview

*Part of the awakening journey is finding out for yourself how to let go of those portions of your own identity that have been intermixed with knowledge that has been gathered or generated from an exterior source and really coming back into your own Inner God Spirit relationship.

*Although there is an extreme focus in our society with the mental body and the value of knowledge for its own sake it is in a large part a misleading characterization of the true nature and power of our inner spirit in that we do not need to know anything as we already know everything.
In my own heart system I am always retrieving information and asking: is this of service to my heart and to my growth or is this just information?

*Anytime we hold a perfected ideal of how ascension looks or feels we are limiting ourselves from experiencing the truth vibration that grows inside of the heart space.

*Even though we are aging in physical biological years, when we start to build our lightbody structure we are bringing in higher frequencies of our own individual consciousness that allow access into different time-space locations that eventually begins to be a simultaneous multidimensional experience and therefore there is no concept of linear time there is no goal to be reached because your consciousness can reach through past present and future all at the same time, in order to work as a Timeless Force.

84 minutes audio mp3 file Mhairi & Sequoia