GH Ascension Class March 2020 Negative Aliens, Entities, Demonics

  • GH Ascension Class March 2020 Negative Aliens, Entities, Demonics

Overview of interpreting how these influences work in daily life, some examples and how to take things easy related to negative aliens so not to break the mental body.
The difference between reading about negative aliens and then realizing as a direct experience of them, that they do in fact exist, the reality of knowing this as your reality; part of multi-dimensional access and expression in higher dimensional energies as the higher sensory perception is being restored to organic and clearer higher sensory perceptions. To understand what has happened to humanity, one must be willing to see and know the truth as it is experienced upon the awakening path. There is nothing to fear.

New age spiritual teachings deny or will not admit darkness and evil is rampant upon this earth, and refuses to comprehend the darkness instead using love and light as bliss as a distorted view of this reality. The evils exist on this earth which is clearly seen through wars, killing, pedophilia and child abuse, including human trafficking and sexual misery traumas. THIS is the result of the alien invasions into our planetary body, this behaviour is a direct anti-christ energy force enacted through enslaved humans or endoctrinated bloodlines born into satanic cults or luciferian satanic cults on the earth to control and siphon energies using the base 10 and antichrist desire, greed and service to self agendas which are without heart.

On the earth higher stranded DNA activated individuals would encounter these beings in their dimensional time-space location, mostly above 4D or 4th dimensional strand activated. Humanity has been locked down into a 2D to 3D stranded lightbody and thus not all humans can perceive extra terrestrial lifeforms. Those who have, have been labelled as mentally ill or crazy, but demons do exist, alien racelines and other species are sharing quantum spaces with us, perceivable when the 3rd eye and other parts of the full 36 harmonics of the soul matrix are repaired and embodied. The average human upon the earth is not single soul occupied, does not know that their soul-spirit exists and must be built into the personal lightbody by heart based intentions away from monetary desires, aggressive control or sexual misery desires which are empty consumptive modelling locked in a false matrix of perception. Learning about how to cope with the physical direct understanding about these entities and their tactics of hidden control upon the human race helps to remove fear about their existence. They have invaded the earth millions of years ago, and have terraformed the planetary grids in antichrist and controller structures. Guardian host families are repairing the planetary body into the organic christos creator patterns to remove their influence from controlling humanity from the shadows, and the quantum field layers in between time and space.

Negative Ego and Mental body inner balancing and sense mapping related to the feelings of the negativity

Identifying mind control and false narratives which are given to trigger your inner fears; truth from lies

Soul Fragmentation, Entity access to the body and trauma time

Coming into balance and authentically live without fear even when you know and comprehend that this is real here on earth.

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